Spotlight on the Weekly Organization: Center for Middle Eastern Studies

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies educates students and staff about events in the Middle East, as well as promoting diplomatic relations between the region and the United States.

“It’s ultimately about showcasing the culture, language and art of the Middle East and North Africa,” Vice President Fadoua Loudiy said. “Part of the mission is to help people of Middle Eastern descent connect with their history.”

The program hosts many international speakers, including artists, musicians and authors.

“We organize many events,” said Loudiy, “We organize activities, films and discussions… We also organize festivals to celebrate particular holidays in the Middle East.”

In addition, the group organizes conferences at Slippery Rock University. In 2017, they hosted the Consortium for Education Resources on Islamic Studies on campus.

Coming soon, an event called “The Middle East Café”, organized by the Middle East Studies Center and the Department of Anthropology. It will feature desserts, drinks and music while honoring the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa.

Other events are planned for the fall 2022 semester. These include a panel discussion and a movie night, both still with tentative dates.

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies is faculty-run and meets approximately once a month.

“Unfortunately, at this stage, we don’t have any students involved,” Loudiy said. “We invite students to join so that we can make their voices heard at the center as well.”

Aubrey L. Morgan