Tasks and organizational structure of Voice of Vietnam

Decree No. 92/2022/ND-CP prescribes that the Voice of Vietnam is the government agency, Vietnam’s national broadcaster, a key media agency responsible for propagating Party policies and state laws and policies.

According to the provisions of the law, the organizational structure of Voice of Vietnam has some changes as follows. In particular, the Directorate of Planning and Finance comprises 02 divisions, the Office comprises 05 divisions (in the old regulations: 07 divisions). In addition, there is no longer an inspection department and another content production division, this program is the Voice of Vietnam TV Channel (VOVTV).

New regulations on tasks and organizational structure of Voice of Vietnam (Illustration)

The Voice of Vietnam implements the mechanism of financial autonomy in accordance with the law; in the particular case, the VOV will propose and cooperate with the relevant ministries and agencies to draw up regulations on the specific financial autonomy mechanism of the VOV and submit them to the competent authorities for promulgation.

The VOV has a General Manager and no more than 04 Deputy General Managers. The Director General and the Deputy Directors General are appointed or dismissed by the Prime Minister in accordance with the provisions of the law. In addition, the CEO is responsible to the government, the prime minister and the law for all VOV operations; The Deputy General Managers assist the General Manager and are responsible to the General Manager and the legal provisions.

Aubrey L. Morgan