The next book on organizational development is a ready account of this evolving discipline.

Organizational Development Essentials is a book about the evolution of the discipline of OD and the process of implementing an intervention within it.

Logo of Vibrant Publishers, a book with rays of light unfolding inside

Logo of Vibrant Publishers, a book with rays of light unfolding inside

The book is available on NetGalley for pre-review and will be released in January 2023

The book serves to provide an overview of the discipline and the contributions made by former experts.

— Ankur Mithal, author

BROOMFIELD, CO, USA, Oct. 11, 2022 / — Organizational Development Essentials You Always Wanted to Know by Vibrant Publishers is a book about the evolving discipline of planned change in organizations . Ankur Mithal, author of the book, has over 15 years of experience in sales, management as well as operations and has been involved in a number of improvement interventions in the BPO industry from which to learn more on organizational development. This book is the product of his experience and observations and is available for preview on NetGalley.

Typically, organizations must constantly evolve and adapt to new circumstances in order to be relevant in the marketplace. Organizations that fail to scale with the times face long-term crisis and sometimes complete shutdown. For this, it is imperative to introduce change. The Essentials of Organizational Development You Always Wanted to Know introduces the concept of organizational development (OD) as “planned change designed to achieve one or more organizational goals.” It will guide the reader through the characteristics, core values, assumptions and relevance of OD and highlight the differences between OD and areas such as human resource management, change management and organizational change.

“The book serves to provide insight into the discipline and the contributions made by former experts. It also provides an overview of key steps at each stage of implementing an OD intervention,” says Ankur. The 5 stages of OD interventions explained in this book are entry, diagnosis, implementation, evaluation and institutionalization. Through these steps, Ankur guides an organization to recognize the problem and its cause(s), create a response plan, and implement it. After implementation, he recommends that the organization check the effectiveness of the intervention and assess whether it is going in the right direction. If so, the process can be instilled into the functioning of the organization. The book also lists the roles, responsibilities, core competencies, skills and ethical issues of OD practitioners.

Organizational Development Essentials will be a perfect guide for managers and leaders of organizations to learn about the art of organizational development. It will also help students view OD as a prospective field.

This book is part of the Self-Learning Management series from Vibrant Publishers. The series is designed to help students, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and career changers learn essential concepts in management topics.

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