The organization calling for a strong police response to upcoming freedom events also wants the police to be withdrawn from funding

Horizon Ottawa, a progressive organization that lobbies for left-leaning municipal policies, is calling for a strong police response to upcoming freedom events in the nation’s capital – while supporting the Defund the Police movement.

Freedom events are planned for next week in downtown Ottawa for the arrival of Canadian Armed Forces veteran James Topp and to celebrate Canada Day. Organizers are also planning weekend events throughout the summer.

“It seems to me that their plan is still to somehow protect the parliamentary precinct, but they kind of let the residential neighborhoods dry out there,” Sam Hersh of Horizon Ottawa told The Canadian Press.

“I want to see an acknowledgment of what this really is from our city and the relevant authorities: that this is a far-right movement, and that we should take it seriously. And they are not welcome to our city.

In a press release, Horizon cited statements shared by the anti-capitalist organization Community Solidarity Ottawa and wrote that “the events of the freedom movement are nothing more than a revival of the anti-democratic occupation of Ottawa by the “Freedom Convoy” in February. »

The Horizon Ottawa press release also said the freedom protesters’ actions “and the far-right politics they represent pose a direct threat to our community and a broader threat to our security and democracy.” .

While Horizon Ottawa urges authorities to crack down on freedom event participants, they are also highly critical of the police and support the Defund the Police movement.

During the Freedom Convoy in February, the organization called for the defunding of the Ottawa police force.

On February 16, Horizon Ottawa issued a press release calling on the Ottawa Police Services Board to “immediately freeze the OPS budget to 2021 levels and commit to dethroning and defunding the Ottawa Police Service.” “.

The organization also held a February 25 press conference with activist Robin Browne, who called for the abolition of the police, citing the force’s inability to protect Freedom Convoy residents.

“It is time to begin the process of abolishing the Ottawa Police and removing them en masse and starting…real community conversations about what systems we should fund and create to really make us all safer,” Browne said at Horizon’s press conference.

Horizon Ottawa had also called for the Ottawa Police budget to be cut in 2020 and 2021, wanting the funding to go to Ottawa Public Health and “real community safety” instead.

Additionally, the organization opposes school resource officer programs, saying the police “expose children to human rights abuses, a racist pipeline from school to prison, and gender-based violence”.

The Freedom Convoy protests ended after three weeks when police forcibly removed peaceful protesters – following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act.

True North contacted Horizon Ottawa for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

|  Organization calling for tough police response to upcoming freedom events also wants police disbanded |  news from paradise

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