The Organization | Yu Gi Oh! OCG Times July 2022 General Article

The other things that other articles haven’t covered!

Hoshino Takanori (Yu-Gi-Oh! Jack Atlas of 5D)
Miyashita Kenshou (from Miyashita Kusanagi)
Oki Soujirou (Novelbright)

★VTR Appearance★
Houchun Mieru/Aura Sentia (Japanese voice actor: Yuki Aoi)

★Master of Ceremonies★
Tonozaki Yusuke (Yu-Gi-Oh! TRUE: Kenmochi/Kenchi)

■ Revealed Unrevealed Cards
■ Tune everyone’s heart! Synchro Intent Game!
■ Yu-Gi-Oh! Information
■ Introducing the use of the brand new “[OOO]”
■ “Let’s See Your Fortune” by Houchun Mieru/Aura Sentia! Yu Gi Oh! Fortune telling!
■ World premiere of the “DARKWING BLAST” commercial!

Oki’s loot:


A Yu-Gi-Oh! T-shirt

Keychains and more!

Buy Blackwings, support Crow “The Bullet” Hogan!


Tune everyone’s heart! Synchronized guessing game!

What would Crow Hogan say?

5D Episodes 94 and 95 are airing on the official YouTube channel to celebrate the release of the new Blackwing support centered around Black-Winged Dragon.

Neuron will update a new way to easily update and quickly build your Decks

There is now a category ranking function in the next update!

Event News

The Yu-Gi-Oh! The United Duel tournament will take place on August 28, 2022! Entrants can register until July 18, 2022. And people will be able to get a Blue Name Text version of “Swords of Revealing Light”!

Yu Gi Oh! The Remote Dueling Tournament will take place on August 6 and registration will continue until July 31, 2022.

Duel Links’ “KC Grand Tournament 2022” will have its first stage starting July 9, 2022.

There is a Twitter contest for residents in Japan only for 10 people to get a box of “Darkwing Blast”!

Another Twitter contest for 10 residents in Japan to get a rare prismatic secret “red-eyed black dragon”.

“Let’s see your fortune! by Houchun Mieru. Yu Gi Oh! Fortune telling!”

Mieru uses the four main dragons of ARC-V for fortune telling!

4th Place: Hungry Venom Fusion Dragon

You may be enjoying what you love too much, to the point that it upsets others!

3rd place: Clearwing Synchro Dragon

If you duel with that girl you’re interested in, you might make some progress.

2nd Place: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

As long as you smile, you will have the power to bounce back from any adversity.

1st place: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

There is no doubt that you will be able to have fun anywhere, anytime.

That is all for this time ! Enjoy it, friends!

Aubrey L. Morgan