This White Sox prospect is doing wonders in the organization

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of good young players. There are many reasons why they didn’t make it in 2022, but there’s no doubt that some of these players had down years at the same time. There is cause for concern and 2023 will be very revealing.

Outside of their MLB team, they don’t have the greatest farm system ever, but there are some really good players. They came last this season in the league, but the evolution of some of these hopefuls has taken them out of this ranking.

One player who can be thanked for this is Oscar Colas. He was signed as an international free agent and has done wonders since joining the organization. He didn’t make it to the big leagues in 2022 as the team thought, but there are several reasons for that.

The main reason is that by mid-September it was clear that they were clearly not going to the playoffs, so raising it wouldn’t help. It was better for him to go from AA to AAA and stay there to finish the year. His rise in the minor leagues is impressive.

The Chicago White Sox hope big things await Oscar Colas.

This offseason is going to be a bit of a reset for the White Sox. They can use their money in other areas if he is clearly able to be the starting right fielder on Opening Day 2023. All signs point to him being able to do so. There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to his future.

In 2022, he started with A+ Winston-Salem where he played 59 games. Then, as mentioned earlier, he made his way to AA where he played 51 games before 7 more in AAA. It was a great way for him to journey through the organization in his last full year of MiLB baseball.

It was his first year in this league after coming from the Japanese League. Now he could be ready to take over in the right field for the White Sox on Opening Day. His off-season growth and spring training will determine that for sure. He can also play first and center when needed.

If the White Sox front office isn’t budging for a right fielder this offseason, you can probably guess it’s because they believe in Colas. They better be right. Hopefully he can one day become an impact player at the MLB level.

Aubrey L. Morgan