URGENT! An emergency fund for the association HATZALAH Ukraine

The preparations of the Jewish community of Ukraine for a war! The situation is worrying, Pikuach Nefesh!!! Hatzalah Ukraine is drawing up an evacuation plan for the thousands of Jews, we will be prepared for the worst-case scenario that would arise in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Full story

The war in Ukraine has begun and the situation of the Jewish community there is very worrying.

As brothers who guarantee each other, we must not remain indifferent! Gotta help them!

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The general director of “Hatzalah Ukraine”, Mr. Shlomi Rosilio, describes to us the very complex situation of the Jewish community and the plans of the organization and the preparation for the state of war which could arise at any time:

We in the “Hatzalah organization Ukraine” are preparing rescue and evacuation plans for the tens of thousands of Jews who are in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine, our location is a very strategic area because it is located in the middle of Ukraine’s epic center, we have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

It will be necessary to turn towards the Polish border which is in Lviv at approximately 900 km those which are capable of it, and the others which cannot escape it is necessary to find hiding places for them and to take care of them for all their needs.

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We need to be prepared with emergency food, medicine and materials as soon as possible and the costs are very high and we have no way to start.

In addition, we must prepare with security and police escorts and purchase satellite communication systems in the event of network failure and lifesaving equipment.

Rescue Ukraine is a coalition of humanitarian, non-governmental and medical organizations from Ukraine, Canada, UK, France and Israel. Member organizations pool their resources and coordinate joint projects to provide independent and impartial relief and medical care to war victims in Ukraine as well as in the Cherkasy region. Ukraine Rescue Volunteers is working on a unified strategic framework to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian response in crisis areas.

Rescue Ukraine provides humanitarian and medical assistance to the entire Cherkasy region and to war victims, regardless of their religion, origin or political affiliation, at any time and at any time.

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Aubrey L. Morgan