Village of Lewiston kicks off new fiscal year with organizational meeting

The red brick municipal building

Fri, July 8, 2022 11:00 a.m.

By Joshua Maloni

Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief

The Village of Lewiston held its annual organizational meeting on Tuesday.

Before setting the nominations for the next fiscal year, Mayor Anne Welch and administrators Vic Eydt and Tina Coppins were sworn in.

Board members then approved the following:

•A motion to approve Welch’s appointments of Clerk (Shannon Fundis) and Treasurer (Stephanie Longwell) for a four-year term, and Deputy Mayor (Eydt) and Deputy Clerk (Donna Vazquez) for a one-year term.

•The reappointment of Joseph Leone as legal adviser; Nussbaumer & Clarke Inc. as the village engineering firm; Kenneth Candella as Building and Zoning Inspector; Longwell as Registrar; Fundis as Deputy Registrar; Russ Piper as Historian; and Barry Beebe as Fire Inspector – each for a one-year term.

•Also reappointed: Peter Coppins and Susan Hofert to the Historic Preservation Commission (five-year term); Norman Machelor to the Planning Commission (two-year term); and Nicholas Schaefer, moving from alternate to regular member of the Planning Council (two-year term). Schaefer will replace Savana Bevacqua, who resigned to fulfill her new obligations as a member of the Lewiston-Porter School Board. The directors accepted his resignation with regret.

•Liaison and alternate liaison duties for administration (Welch/Eydt); staff (directors Nick Conde and Dan Gibson); Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce (Welch/Coppins); embellishment (Welch/Coppins); Artpark (Welch/Condé); Lewiston Arts Council (Condé/Gibson); law enforcement (Gibson/Condé); fire (Eydt/Gibson); recreation, parks and environment (Gibson/Condé); Planning Commission (Welch/Eydt); Zoning Commission (Conde/Eydt); Department of Public Works (Welch/Eydt); Community Sewer Commission (Eydt/Conde); American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (Gibson/Coppins); Lewiston Library (Coppins/Gibson); and Historic Preservation Commission (Welch/Eydt).

•KeyBank will serve as the official custodian.

• The Sentinel will continue to be the official newspaper of the Village of Lewiston.

• The time and dates for regular Board meetings are at 6:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month from October to May, except that the September and January (2023) meetings will be held on the first Tuesday; and the third Monday of each month from September to August, except that the January and February 2023 meetings will be held on the third Tuesday.

The next organizational meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday July 5, 2023.

Meetings are held in the Morgan Lewis Village Conference Hall inside the red brick Municipal Building, 145 N. Fourth St.

To finish

•Trustees will hold a public hearing at their July 18 meeting to discuss the addition of new stop signs on South Fourth, Water and Niagara streets. They should also make a decision on adding security cameras to the new inclusive playground located in Marilyn Toohey Park, behind the red brick.

• US Traffic Control installed new street, crosswalk and stop signs along Center Street this week. The faded brown markers were replaced with black and white versions.

Lewiston City Judge Thomas Sheeran swore in Lewiston Village Mayor Anne Welch and Trustees Vic Eydt and Tina Coppins. The elected officials then took photos with the family members.

Aubrey L. Morgan