What is the most popular cat breed in the world? The feline organization classifies them.

Many of us own cats (or do they own us?) that are undocumented and come from shelters, shelters, friends or family.

Indeed, according to Association of Cat Lovers, who says he has “a deep love and respect for all cats”, 95% of the cat population is made up of “pet cats” with no pedigree.

In the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s Top 10 Cat Breeds of 2021, pet cator “everyone’s cat”, is tied for ninth place with Scottish Fold.

Which feline breed ranks first?

It would be the rag doll.

CFA said the ragdoll, “a large, long-haired cat with a soft, fluffy coat,” came in first place for the third year in a row. Ragdolls have “intense blue eyes and a gentle disposition”.

In second place is the “gentle giant”, the Maine coon cat.

“The tallest of all pedigree cats, these magnificent shaggy-coated cats were first recognized by the CFA in 1976, but their history dates back to Civil War times,” the CFA said.

In third place is the exotic.

“Developed as a more easily maintained alternative for lovers of the Persian type, this breed has a shorter coat that is sumptuous, dense and full of life. Exotics are so popular in the show ring that they have recently been split into six divisions different competitions, based on color and pattern.

the Persian comes in fourth place – “highly regarded for his luxurious long coat, refined features, expressive round eyes and laid-back temperament.”

The “pixie” cat, the Devon Rex, moved up to fifth place, CFA said.

“These outgoing, cuddly creatures have soft, wavy coats, expressive eyes and huge bat ears that give them the appearance of little pixies.”

Number six is ​​the british shorthair, which has “an incredibly dense coat and gentle demeanor. Most popular in blue, the Brits also come in many other colors.

the Abyssinian comes in seventh place. CFA said they are “often compared to the hunting cats of ancient Egypt. Agile and interactive, these cats have a ticked tabby pattern that gives them a unique wild look.

the american shorthair is in eighth place. “These gentle, playful cats have a powerful build and strong jaws to catch and hold their prey.”

the scottish fold, who shares ninth place with the pet cat, has folded ears and round eyes that CFA says give them “an owl-like expression.”

“Pleats are in high demand, but as not all kittens will have fold ears, it is difficult for supply to keep up with current demand.”

The top 10 is completed by the hairless variety, the Sphynx. The CFA said these cats have “outgoing and caring temperaments” but are also difficult to adopt because breeders have long waiting lists.

Aubrey L. Morgan